Our Story

We’re Zack and Vincent, co-founders of Lifestacks. Our journey started during our college days, bound by a shared passion for health & performance that led us down the scientific rabbit holes of supplements, intermittent fasting, and nutrition. We experimented with thousands of ingredients to find ways to boost our energy, spur our creativity, and support our metabolic health – something of utmost importance for Zack as a Type 1 Diabetic. 

Along our health journey, we discovered the need to create a more enjoyable and intuitive way to consume supplements — no one likes swallowing pills after all.




That ‘Aha!’ moment wasn’t just a flash of inspiration – it was a call to action and it led us down the entrepreneurial path. We founded Lifestacks and created an MCT-based coffee creamer that delivers smooth, sustained focus so you can be your best self every day. 

Welcome to our community of people dedicated to living vibrantly. We look forward to serving your lifestyle with premium products at the frontier of well-being.

– Zack & Vincent

Feel fluid, not frenzied.