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Health has never tasted this good.

Metabolic Benefits

Metabolic Benefits

Clean, fast-absorbing MCTs support digestive health & overall wellness. No better way to start your morning.

Long-Lasting Energy

Long-Lasting Energy

Smooth, sustained mental clarity – tackles the 2pm slump before it even hits.

Rich Flavors

Rich Flavors

Like your favorite latte at Starbucks. Minus the sugar.

Brain-Boosting Ingredients

Brain-Boosting Ingredients

Premium, science-backed nootropics & adaptogens. The culmination of years of meticulous research and development.

Our Products

Welcome to the frontier of wellbeing.

Clean, tested ingredients you can trust.

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Vegan Friendly

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Keto Friendly

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Dairy Free


Unlock your inner focus.

Mental focus is difficult to sustain, but we found a way to tap into that magical state of flow more easily. A meticulously crafted blend of MCTs, nootropics, and adaptogens combine to cut through the noise and make your morning brew a source of smooth, sustained mental clarity.

Its unique molecular structure allows for easy digestion and fast absorption, making MCT an ideal source of energy and boost to cognitive function. Serves as a creamy, keto-friendly base.

A powerhouse amino acid that supports cognitive function and cardiovascular health. Promotes a slower release of caffeine, which ensures a more balanced and comfortable coffee experience. Never hit that 2pm slump again.

A standout ingredient that enhances mental alertness and focus. Replenish dopamine stores for a productive, upbeat day.

A precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, this ingredient enhances memory, focus, and overall mental clarity. Cuts through all the noise.

A time-tested adaptogen with stress-fighting properties. Complements caffeine by enhancing mental & physical performance while also reducing fatigue.


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